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The greatest escape and other stories

A collection of Medium articles from August...

I’ve been blogging over at Medium for a few months now (check out what I wrote about in June) Instead of cross posting each and every article, I thought I’d do a monthly wrap up of what I’ve been writing about. It’s a round up of writing advice, motivational stories, slices of life and novel excerpts.

On writing

Did you ever wish you could fly? On writing a character with wings

The Wonder of Creation: An evolutionary approach to world-building

The race to the finish line: Getting to the end of a writing project.

Are your books suffering from too much white space? Don’t forget to situate your characters in time and space

Welcome to my world: Three stages to world-building

The crucial mindset for editing your book: Getting into the right zone

Fiction inspirations

Like a bolt of lightening: when inspiration strikes without warning

The enduring allure of my first love: Why I write YA fantasy fiction

On reading

Books: The greatest escape

I’ll have my coffee with a book, thanks: Take a book + Leave a book = the perfect exchange

Life lessons

The oft-overlooked privilege of showering at home: valuable lessons from a bathroom renovation

Vanquish that to-do list: 8 steps to prioritising for the overwhelmed

Valuable advice: Some things are worth waiting for. Life lessons from my garden

Do you have the courage to continue: It’s what sets us apart

No wonder August felt busy! Enjoy these–meanwhile, I’m going back to drafting some fiction…

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