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The power of imagination, and other stories

My July Medium Wrap-Up

I’m a regular writer on Medium (check out my wrap-up for June and August)and instead of cross-posting every article on my blog, I do a monthly wrap up. The only thing is that sometimes I forget to actually do the wrap up. So even though it’s September, here’s what I was writing about in July…Enjoy!

By the way, you should be able to read these articles even if you aren’t a Medium member.

On Writing

Rest is crucial: For your manuscript, that is…

The invaluable nature of connection: Writers need a tribe too

The power of imagination: The greatest tool in the writer’s toolbox

The first draft mindset: Getting words on the page

On Reading

Six months of a Goodreads challenge: What I’ve been reading and why…

Non-fiction: The 70% curse

Books, Goals and Lists: Five reasons Goodreads is a useful tool for readers

Why reading (and writing) fiction is important: Read fiction to improve society

Title trouble: What’s in a book’s name

The joys of fantasy fiction: Why I love reading (and writing) in the fantasy genre

Life Lessons

Reaching for the stars: What happens when we set aspirational goals

What does hope look like to you: Dreaming with your eyes open for a brighter future

Am I afraid? Exploring the fear of a new project

The Elusive Nature of Balance: The difficulty of attaining a balanced life

Need a more positive outlook: Three questions for looking on the bright side

Silo Art: An industrial space made beautiful

Take a Break: The benefits of creative recharging

Sometimes the world conspires against you: So get on with it

On Waiting: How much of our lives is spent waiting for something to happen?

When technology fails: The curse of fairy blood


Unwelcome Discoveries: An Airwoman Excerpt

An item of business: An excerpt from the Airwoman Companion Story–The Last Day of Magnus Gariq

Meet Jade Gariq: A Character Interview

Happy reading!

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