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Winners announced! Plus a wrap up of all the fun of the Spirit Woman Book Tour

If you’ve been following my blog or social media over the last few weeks, you’ll see that I’ve taken Spirit Woman (Airwoman #2) on a tour with Rockstar Book Tours. We wrapped the tour up last Friday–here’s the round up of all the posts in case you didn’t have time to check in…

It’s A Wrap

Week One

Monday, 5 March: I visited Bookhounds where I did an interview and answered questions about what’s on my nightstand, what author I would totally fan, and what words I love to use. I also introduced the family dog…  Later that day, My Creatively Random Life posted a review of Spirit Woman. Click on the link to find out what she said…

Tuesday, 6 March: Daily Waffle had an excerpt of Spirit Woman available. If you want a sneak peek at what’s inside, click on the link…

Wednesday, 7 March: My birthday! Also, I visited Maddie.TV with a guest post where I talked about five books that have really impacted my fiction. Want to know what they are? Go and check it out…

Thursday, 8 March: La libreria di Beppe hosted Spirit Woman for a spotlight.

Friday, 9 March: I visited A Gingerly Review with another excerpt from Spirit Woman. Later I visited Two Chicks on Books where I provided a never before released scene–this is the opening scene for Spirit Woman, but from Axel’s perspective. Read it here…

Week Two

Monday, 12 March: Blushing Bibliophile wrote a review of Spirit Woman. Want to read what Chloe had to say about it, hop over there to read it. Later that day, I stopped in at Hot Town Cool Girl to chat with Nabila about binging Netflix, my favourite thing about writing, which author I’d like to have coffee with and more.

Tuesday, 13 March:  jrsbookreviews hosted an excerpt from Spirit Woman and somehow a photo of our stuffed dog toy made an appearance. Then Jaime’s World hosted a spotlight for Spirit Woman too.

Wednesday, 14 March: Don’t Judge, Read hosted another excerpt of Spirit Woman (is there any of the book left? Don’t worry, the answer is yes!).

Thursday, 15 March: Sincerely Karen Jo hosted us for a spotlight of Spirit Woman.

Friday, 16 March: Then for our last stop, we visited A Dream Within A Dream for the last excerpt of the tour!

Well, that’s it for the Spirit Woman book tour. I hope you enjoyed the interviews, excerpts and extra scenes. As always, it was fun to do and I enjoyed getting out to some blogs that I wouldn’t normally go to. Thanks to Jaime at Rockstar Book Tours for organising it, to all the bloggers who hosted me, and to all the readers who followed along!

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for…

The Winners

Congratulations Viki and Michele who each won a US$25 ebook voucher for the retailer of their choice! Happy reading.

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and who followed the book tour. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Any other questions about the book tour? Leave them in the comments….

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