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In the beginning…

The Creation Story of the Dragonverse

In the beginning, the Lady Premye, First of the Dragon-Gods, was alone in the darkness.

She was lonely. She yearned for company, for light, for colour. Eons passed with nothing around Her but darkness, only the fire within Her to warm Her soul.

Over Eons, the fire built within Her. She thought She might burst from the pressure. She threw Her head back and roared, letting loose a tongue of flames in the process.

The flames were a burst of light in the darkness, dancing over Her scales. They didn’t go out as She curled up in a ball and closed Her eyes.

She Dreamed.

She Dreamed of light and the sun was born.

She Dreamed of land and it formed around the fire encasing Her sleeping figure. The heat from the ever-burning fire made it buckle and ripple, so the land formed mountains and valleys.

She Dreamed of water and oceans formed, covering the lowest points of the land.

She Dreamed.

She Dreamed of grass and rocks and trees to cover the land. She heard the wind whistling through the trees and this pleased Her. So, She Dreamed of more trees, so many more that their canopy covered the land like a carpet of green.

She considered the beauty that had been formed in Her Dreams and it pleased Her. Still, something was missing. It was too quiet.

She Dreamed of animals to scurry across the land, of fish to fill the oceans, and of birds to fill the air. The birds sang beautiful songs that filled the Lady Premye with joy. She listened to the music of the birds, the rustling of the wind in the trees and the crashing of the waves on the beach and She was pleased.

For a long time, She admired the beauty of Her Dreams.

Still, the Lady Premye was restless. Her Dreams were beautiful, but there was no-one to admire them. There was no-one to worship Her.

She Dreamed of a people who lived in the trees. Her children worshipped Her. The Lady Premye basked in their adoration and She was pleased.

Her Dreams flourished and Her children worshipped Her. The wind, the birdsong and the waves were music to Her ears.

Even with the joy of Her Dreams, the Lady Premye felt an ache that was not filled by the world that She had Dreamed. The ache grew, rounder and heavier within Her, until She thought She might burst from the pressure.

The Lady Premye roared and Her fire burst through the film of the world, pushing through the highest mountain to shoot into the sky, raining down rocks and lava onto her lands and forests. Her children were afraid that they had angered the Lady Premye and gave offerings to Her.

When the lava finally stopped flowing, the children of Premye found large eggs nestled within the steaming rocks. The Lady Premye visited Her children in visions and told her that these eggs were Eigots—the offspring of the Lady Premye, the eggs of a Dragon-God. She instructed Her children to look after these Eigots until they hatched.

The first of the Eigots hatched and the children of Premye cared for the Dragon-God, until He roared a great tongue of fire and burst through the sky, creating a Portal into the nothingness of the beginning of time.

He curled up amidst the fire and set to Dreaming.

The world He Dreamed became known as Corinth.

In time, other Eigots hatched and when They Dreamed, Their worlds became Gilbertz, Linith, Merryne, Katz, Borouni, Ulula, Deena, Adillique, Serysse, Earth and Taraqa.

And so the Dragonverse was Dreamed into existance.

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